Friday, October 13, 2006

World Craniofacial Foundation

Another sponsor of Angel's surgery is the World Craniofacial Foundation. I know we all have read about several conjoined twins who have come to the US for surgery in recent years. It seems like all children who needs craniofacial surgeries these days get the help they need automatically because these foundations and generous surgeons and hospitals donate care.

However, in actuality, it takes a LOT of work by a number of different charities and foundations, for these children to get to come to the US to have the surgeries they need. The World Craniofacial Foundation works very hard to help the children who come to them for help.

From their website, this is their mission:

The World Craniofacial Foundation is dedicated to helping children and familes who experience deformities of the head and/or face by providing support and access to life-changing procedures. Reconstruct a face; create a new life. Today, we have the knowledge and technology to make these children look and feel normal. It is now possible to acheive excellent outcomes in the treatment of even the most complex craniofacial deformities. For the task ahead, support and participation is needed from all of us in order to transform the lives of those who need help.

The WCF has a fund for Angel as well, if anyone would like to donate through them. They accept gifts by check or credit card - and by credit card you can give via phone or email. All gifts are tax deductible.


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Goal for helpbabyangel -
Paying Angel's diapers, bandages, formula, etc, and
to bring Angeleah's mom, Eva,
to U.S. for the surgeries (This doesn't include money donated earlier that was
used for Angel's and Pol's Visas and for their travel
to Manilla to get the VISAS. )