Thursday, November 30, 2006

More video

Here's a not-so-happy Angel in the bath!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Angel on video...

Here's a short 30 seconds of Angel crawling...she looks like she's trying hard to learn!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Angel & Pol meet Dustin & DeeAnn

While at the Craniofacial Center in Dallas, Pol and Angel met Dustin Villarreal and his mom DeeAnn from Kansas. They were in Dallas to see Dr. Fearon and recognized Angel!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Angel's new fingers and toes revealed!

Angel got her casts off and Pol sent many pictures of her new fingers and toes. I'm posting one here of Angel laughing wearing her new bandages. She will be bandaged for many weeks to make sure the hands heal very well. There are many more "surgical" looking pictures which I didn't post, but you are welcome to see upon request. Send email to mjenna-at-gmail-dot-com. (To Apert families, the "surgical" pictures don't seem so extreme because we've seen it others who have not seen these or who are not in the medical profession might find them sort of..."surgical". :)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Angel is doing well and Eva is coming soon!

Pol has limited access to the internet now, so news is spotty, however, he sent some pictures of Angel in her casts and she seems to be doing really well! She's got big smiles. She gets her casts off next week and then will be in bandages for a while. Pol located another family in Dallas who were neighbors to his family in the Philippines 10 years ago! Pol and Angel have been spending a few days a week with them too. He says that it's been fun to see them again and he has really enjoyed the company and friendship of all the people he's met and spent time with.

Eva's ticket has been purchased thanks to so many kind donations! Her coming to Dallas for Christmas will be a wonderful gift for this family. She arrives December 2nd and Angel's next surgery is December 8th.

On December 9th, the Children's Craniofacial Association (based in Dallas) will be hosting a Holiday Party at Medical City Hospital. Children from all over come to eat cookies, make Christmas crafts and sit on Santa's lap. It's a wonderful party. Many of the Apert Syndrome families from out of state plan their annual check up appointments during the week of the party so that they can be in Dallas to see all their friends and let the kids play together. This year will be especially nice because all the families and kids will get to meet the Toribio family.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

How Angel is doing...

Unfortunately, the internet connection at the host family's house has been out so I have only been getting very sporadic news and no pictures of Angel! Fortunately, Eva says that she understands that Angel is doing very well and smiling again, so she must be healing well. I'm sure it was a hard couple of days after the surgery, but the kids bounce back so quickly and it sounds as if Angel has too!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Angel is in recovery and doing well...

(Picture 1: Angel sleeping off the anesthetic!; Picture 2: Elizabeth drinking HER apple juice while sitting next to a sleeping Angel.)
Elizabeth and I went to Angel's room after she got out of post-op so that Pol could have a break. We watched Angel while Pol went to email his family and get something to eat. The respiratory therapist came and gave Angel a breathing treatment. This will help her to get rid of some of the congestion she has been experiencing. Elizabeth also watched Angel sleep until she realized that Angel had an apple juice on her bed! Elizabeth tried to reach in the crib to get it, until I showed her that she had her OWN apple juice. When Pol returned to the room, it was time for Elizabeth and me to get on the road back to Austin. Just as we were leaving, Pol got a phone call to the room from his family in the Philippines.

Angel is out of surgery!

...and doing great! Pol is with her right now in post-op while she wakes up from anesthesia, so I have time to tell everyone that Dr. Fearon and Dr. Peters said everything went very very well. Pol picked blue casts! I will post pictures soon.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A long day at the hospital

Angel had a big day today...lots of appointments, a CT scan, xrays, pictures...and tons of paperwork for daddy Pol to fill out. She weathered it all well. She has been cleared for surgery tomorrow and we are all very excited and emotionally overwhelmed that this is all actually happening. Pastor Jofre Perez from the Foursquare Church in Dallas joined us today to help translate when needed. Thanks Pastor Joff! Pol got the best news from Dr. Sacco, a neurosurgeon, regarding Angel's Apert Syndrome. She has a milder case of Apert and at this time doesn't have any of some of the more serious brain problems (enlarged ventricles or Chiari Malformation). Also, we had a nice surprise at the end of the day when Dr. Fearon told us to stop in at Dr. Peters' office. He is an ENT and will be putting tubes in Angel's ears tomorrow before Dr. Fearon starts! This is great news and the tubes should help Angel clear up some congestion that she's been having, and also help avoid ear infections. Ear tubes are common in Apert kids when they are very young. It helps to preserve their hearing, so this is really great news that Dr. Peters has decided to help her along with all the other doctors. Angel is on her way! We're all so thrilled. Tomorrow, Pol and Pastor Joff will be at the hospital at 6am. Angel's first surgery to separate her fingers and toes (she'll have two finger/toe surgeries total) will start at 7:30am. It will be a long couple of days for Pol and Angel (but she'll probably sleep through lots of it!). I'll check in with Pol and Angel as surgery is finishing up and be leaving to go back to Austin tomorrow afternoon when they are settled in their recovery room. Pictures to follow later.

Currently collecting...

HelpBabyAngel is working to bring Angel's mom with her when she comes for her surgeries, and

looking for toys,
warm clothing, and
baby supplies/gift cards (Target/Walmart/Randalls)

to help with Angel's needs while she is here.

We have collected a ton of stuff, thank you to all who have contributed.

Donations to help bring Angel's mom, Eva, to the US can be made on a tax-deductible basis to Apert International's fund for Angel.

Goal for helpbabyangel -
Paying Angel's diapers, bandages, formula, etc, and
to bring Angeleah's mom, Eva,
to U.S. for the surgeries (This doesn't include money donated earlier that was
used for Angel's and Pol's Visas and for their travel
to Manilla to get the VISAS. )