Thursday, November 02, 2006

Angel is in recovery and doing well...

(Picture 1: Angel sleeping off the anesthetic!; Picture 2: Elizabeth drinking HER apple juice while sitting next to a sleeping Angel.)
Elizabeth and I went to Angel's room after she got out of post-op so that Pol could have a break. We watched Angel while Pol went to email his family and get something to eat. The respiratory therapist came and gave Angel a breathing treatment. This will help her to get rid of some of the congestion she has been experiencing. Elizabeth also watched Angel sleep until she realized that Angel had an apple juice on her bed! Elizabeth tried to reach in the crib to get it, until I showed her that she had her OWN apple juice. When Pol returned to the room, it was time for Elizabeth and me to get on the road back to Austin. Just as we were leaving, Pol got a phone call to the room from his family in the Philippines.


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Goal for helpbabyangel -
Paying Angel's diapers, bandages, formula, etc, and
to bring Angeleah's mom, Eva,
to U.S. for the surgeries (This doesn't include money donated earlier that was
used for Angel's and Pol's Visas and for their travel
to Manilla to get the VISAS. )