Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A long day at the hospital

Angel had a big day today...lots of appointments, a CT scan, xrays, pictures...and tons of paperwork for daddy Pol to fill out. She weathered it all well. She has been cleared for surgery tomorrow and we are all very excited and emotionally overwhelmed that this is all actually happening. Pastor Jofre Perez from the Foursquare Church in Dallas joined us today to help translate when needed. Thanks Pastor Joff! Pol got the best news from Dr. Sacco, a neurosurgeon, regarding Angel's Apert Syndrome. She has a milder case of Apert and at this time doesn't have any of some of the more serious brain problems (enlarged ventricles or Chiari Malformation). Also, we had a nice surprise at the end of the day when Dr. Fearon told us to stop in at Dr. Peters' office. He is an ENT and will be putting tubes in Angel's ears tomorrow before Dr. Fearon starts! This is great news and the tubes should help Angel clear up some congestion that she's been having, and also help avoid ear infections. Ear tubes are common in Apert kids when they are very young. It helps to preserve their hearing, so this is really great news that Dr. Peters has decided to help her along with all the other doctors. Angel is on her way! We're all so thrilled. Tomorrow, Pol and Pastor Joff will be at the hospital at 6am. Angel's first surgery to separate her fingers and toes (she'll have two finger/toe surgeries total) will start at 7:30am. It will be a long couple of days for Pol and Angel (but she'll probably sleep through lots of it!). I'll check in with Pol and Angel as surgery is finishing up and be leaving to go back to Austin tomorrow afternoon when they are settled in their recovery room. Pictures to follow later.


Blogger Allison said...

I am so excited about the diagnosis and the tubes! How wonderful! What a blessing!

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