Sunday, December 10, 2006

Angel is out of ICU

(Picture 1: Pol and Eva with Dr. Fearon at the Holiday Party. Picture 2: Pol and Eva by Angel's bedside. Picture 3: Eva comforting Angel. Picture 4: Angel drinking apple juice - look at her new fingers! They are healing well and look great!)

Today Angel was moved from ICU to the children's recovery floor. She has a swollen head which is totally normal for this surgery. Dr. Fearon says that things went very, very well! Angel's head will swell even more tomorrow, but then it will start to go down. It will be a week or two before the swelling shrinks significantly, and then another 4 weeks or so until all the swelling is gone. Angel was drinking apple juice and moaning and crying...all normal and all good signs that she's going to be just fine!

Today was also the day for the Children's Craniofacial Association Holiday Party. There were toys for kids given out by Santa, a Disney radio station playing music and games, lots of snacks and punch, and lots of crazy kids running all over the hospital lobby having a wonderful time with their friends. Eva and Pol were able to come down to see the party and meet some other Apert families while the nurses took care of Angel in ICU.


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to Manilla to get the VISAS. )